LVA-CA's Mission.
LVA-CA's Mission.
LVA-CA's Mission.
Leaders in Literacy.
Leaders in Literacy.
LVA-CA's Mission.

Welcome to LVA's new Tutors

We recently celebrated the graduation of our 2014 Summer Volunteer Tutor Training Workshop. Barbara Alston, Mahogany Alston, Carolyn Tann-Brown, Darrylyn Clark, Ramon Crawford, Deborah D'Anastasio, Diane DeBoise, Tatham Dilks, Diane Donio, Lois Dudley, Taylor Hall, Antoaneta Karabelova, Susie McCrea-Phillips, Niambe McNeal, Nicholas Moffa, Kathleen Steel, Lisa Tucker. Special thanks to our Tutor Trainers: Denise Casey, Diane Mozzo, Anne Osman, and Bob Weyhmuler for a great job! Tutors, new and established, will find important links and information on this page on our website. LVA-CA Volunteer Tutors

Improving Lives
Beyond Words

LVA Office Gets a Face-lift

LVA Office.

The LVA-CA office at 743 N. Main St., Pleasantville got a much needed exterior make-over. Shrubs were removed and new paint was applied everywhere. It looks great. If you haven't seen our office lately, you are in for a surprise. Stop by and take a look at our new "do".

LVA-CA Videos

One Tutor-One Student

The essential interaction: one tutor with one student. It is during these sessions that LVA-CA's Mission becomes reality. Over time, with mutual respect, earnest effort and compassion, the impossible becomes possible.

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Training the Tutors

Preparing volunteer tutors to teach someone a skill we take for granted is our organization's greatest challenge. Through the dedication of our trainers and tutors our Mission bears fruit in the most remarkable ways.

Conversation Groups

These small gatherings provide students with the opportunity to practise what they have learned and expand their vocabulary the "old-fashioned way" - through conversation.

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